Water and Espresso: the making of the Cafe Americano

The beans

It starts with the beans. Still trapped inside the bag, their precious scent awaiting to burst.

The roast

Selected from the most pristine of farms, the beans had been brought to the perfect roast and brings its aromatic joy to anticipating lips.

Pulling the shot

But the spirit that has accompanied its journey does not lie in the sheen of the glazed seed, but at its very quintessence. And with every fleeting moment this essence must be captured and translated into the language of life: water.

Like the finale of a long river

Like the finale to a long wind down a river is the free fall reward of the espresso and its crema.

The sweet balance of espresso and water.

Finally, in a partnership almost unknown and viewed as redundant, water, the language of life, and espresso, the quintessence of the coffee, bring one another life in a solemn, intertwined companionship.


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