Month: October 2012

What’s this girl’s condition?

Merbear's World

6:00 am-  Wake up. (Unless the pill I chose to take the night before for insomnia (4 to choose from) worked just a little to well!

6:30 am-  Make sure my 15 year old has lunch, eats breakfast and is ready for the drive to the bus stop. (Thankfully my husband does this. He is wonderful)

6:45-9:00 am- Drink my two cups of coffee, catch up on words with friends, check out whats new on facebook, read the news. Say goodbye to my husband before he leaves for work.

9:15 am- So..I am alone. Well, not really, I have my dog who is my constant companion these days. I can’t even go pee without her following me. But I am thankful for her. We play a game of catch with her stuffy, I give her treats, she snuggles with me. I talk to her and she just stares up at…

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My father was a military man.  He was an athlete, an artist, a music lover, a charming smart-ass who always had a clever retort.  He was a 6’6″ giant and there was nothing scarier than his tennis racket sized hands, though he rarely had to lift them to make my brother and I behave.  He seemed to literally be the “Big Man On Campus” on our small Air Force Base.  As kids, we couldn’t go anywhere without someone recognizing him and wanting to talk for a few minutes.

When I was 9, my little league team was the Cubs, we were in 1st place.  We were playing the Pirates, they were in last place.  It wasn’t hard to tell why, their coach was negative and aggressive, yelling at players and taunting the other team.  I was at bat and he was screaming at the pitcher “C’MON SON PUT IT DOWN…

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Sleep by your mother

Here, you dress
You bathe in the mess
of reckless

The shield of your shades
The twang in your tongue
Shades your shadow
That you have hidden — suffocated and stuck under the wooden flooring

of your house

small but tidy
crowded but kept
go home
and strip off your jacket
the shoes you got last Christmas

as night falls
your shadow disappears.
Sleep by your mother


Minsan nakakasawa magtingin nang magtingin sa facebook. So here I clicked on one of the recommended blogs by the WordPress editor and ended up going on a trip to Iceland!

#stopflirting #startcourting


Is this a good blog topic?

Ngayong college, palaging nakikita si boylaloo naka-akbay kay girl A, kay girl B, kay girl C. Si girlaloo, pasandal-sandal ng baba sa balikat ni boy A, or araw-araw nahihingan ng yakap ng boy B. Gaano ka pa man ka-baon sa acads, hindi mo mapagkakailangang PANAHON NA MAGKABOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. Tama na ang pakikipaglokohan sa sarili. Yung mga pahapyaw ng balat kahit sa mga alam mong simpleng kaibigan mo, hindi mo napapansin ngunit pintig na pala ng init ng romansa na ang tangi lamang na makapagpapalaya ay ang mismong pagkakaroon ng natatanging ka-ibigan — hindi peke at patikim-tikim na kilig sa seat mate mong mabango ang buhok.