A Less Doctrinal Josh Groban

     From a super sensitive operatic baritone portrayed by this gwaping male artist, Josh Groban suddenly decided to venture into something more…down to earth. Yet! You’ve still got your string sections and other orchestral components such as a timpani hit exploding underneath rocking climaxes. With Josh’s multi-textured, semi-nasal, classically-seasoned sinusoidally fluctuating voice, All That Echoes champions the au naturale of music, dressed at its best by great songwriters, arrangers, and sound engineers he had onboard. Groban does claim his collaborators are “the greatest group of musicians” that ever walked him into a studio.

     But to separate All That Echoes from the rest of mainstream music, it still somewhat lies a little away from pop but doesn’t exactly fit the bill of his other hit revivals such as Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, The Prayer, You Raise Me Up, and that very first single he had on Myx top 20 To Where You Are (2002). I doubt if the songs here will have as much acclaim as those songs, but that’s what I really like about this new album! His earlier songs were feasted upon by church choirs, wedding singers,and spick and span tenors. This time, the album will be more…solitary. Heavier on truth and baring oneself. I guess that’s what makes it rock! Image

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