Month: April 2013

Are you a bad person?

     In this world, there are just some people who are nice, and some people aren’t. As early as the microcosmic classroom, there was always this one person who can just be the ire of your life; your stigma, and he or she can get away with being such a douche or a bully plainly because…that’s who he or she is! Any guidance counseling or a letter to his parents will change him. Not even a punch in the face.

     What kind of person do you think you are? Are you good? Or are you bad? It’s a crucial point of reflection, really. There are nice people — people who always greet, people who always ask for permission. Then there are bad people — noisy, boisterous, tactless, namimili ng mga kaibigan, straightforward and hurtful. Where do you think you fall?
     Now, we’re not here to coax out and try all those who are guilty of ever having been a bully. No matter how much it has hurt you, no matter how much you have carried it in your life, and no matter how painfully forgiving you may be. They can just go to hell. If ever you’ve been ridiculed and unjustly shamed in your life but chose not to wield a closed fist, then you know the value of peace. What we’d like to know — as a point of enlightenment — is that we all just have baggage, y’know?
     Baggage. Something you carry. Baggage. It’s that small, dense weight in your heart. It’s the unsleepable half of your bed. It’s your cross. Some people live through the worst times and grow up with unique insecurities, while some people don’t get to realize sadness and dissatisfaction, at all!
     These unheard injustices are mostly just fruits of being too noisy. Too noisy that you can’t understand and empathize with other people anymore. Too noisy that your own eyes are looking at your very self: praising, applauding, because of your great wisdom and understanding of the world, because you always seem to be right while everyone else is unintelligent — unlike you. The same may also be true for the person who speaks in his head, cursed and spiteful in his thoughts. If so, then we’re all just bullies, aren’t we?