I’m music producer based in Quezon City, Philippines. I write songs, bring them to various singers, and do arrangements with the occassional help from bassist and drummer friends. I play piano and guitar in ballad, jazz, and rock styles. I was a choir musical director for about eight years, and played in a semi-professional jazz band for five, but these only speak about the hardwork I put into my music. My influences are an eclectic mix.

I love OPM, and I mainly write in tagalog. Lyrics are most important to me, melody is easy.

For original songs available for production, I would love to share my private playlist of demos if I’m contacted at madrid.ryan@gmail.com

My latest EP can be found here https://open.spotify.com/album/3N65DDJbsGiXUdgdk7956s

Other material on https://www.facebook.com/saktongmusik

and http://www.soundcloud.com/wearashirt

Currently reading: Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison


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